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Joining a Safehome Teletherapy Group

Have you been feeling a bit isolated lately? You’re not alone!

It has been a challenging time but we have some good news- Safehome’s open support groups are returning, starting in September. Group members have the opportunity to connect with one another through empathy, support, and shared experiences while learning about topics related to domestic violence, in a non-judgemental and safe setting. Going to a support group can feel a bit daunting, especially with the technological factor when on Zoom, so we have compiled some tips and tricks to set yourself up to feel comfortable and confident.

Checkout groups available here

1. Help Yourself Feel Ready

  • Consider having a cup of water, writing supplies, tissues, and a fidget close by.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear to a group in person.

2. Create a Confidential Space

  • Be in a space free of distractions, where you are alone and can speak freely.
  • Wearing headphones, keeping the volume low, and making noise (white noise, music, fan) by the doorway can prevent sound from traveling to another room.
  • Consider locking the door to your space or requesting others to give you privacy and not enter the room.
  • If you have a hard time finding confidential space, here are some examples that are not ideal, but should be considered secondary choices if an ideal setup is not available: laundry room, walk-in-closet, basement, or attic. Please make sure that the space is comfortable to you!

3. Technical Set-Up

  • A laptop or desktop computer is ideal — preferably the biggest screen size that you have available to you.
  • Be on a secure internet connection, rather than public or free Wi-Fi.
  • Phones can be put on airplane mode to minimize interruptions.
  • If you’re using a tablet or phone, please prop up the device so that it is stable and the camera is about level with your eyes. You can use books.
  • Make an effort to be well-lit and not have a bright light source directly behind you.
  • If possible, place your computer as close as you can to your WiFi router or plug your computer into the router with a cable.
  • Closeout of any programs you don’t need which use your Internet connection. This video will show you some examples of doing that (and this article will explain it.)

Be sure to check out the many upcoming groups here and get signed up!