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Safehome is a nonprofit organization and domestic violence shelter (sometimes known as “women’s shelter”) near you in Johnson County.

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence. By providing shelter, individual and group counseling, court and legal support, and community programs and engagement, approximately 8,000 individuals each year benefit- many receiving the support they need to lead healthy, independent lives. Since 1980 our vision has been clear, we are working to create a community free of domestic violence and partner abuse.

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Safehome is here for you. Call our 24-hour hotline at (913) 262-2868

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These kinds words from one of Safehome’s clients to her case managers is a reminder for YOU, too! 💜

The services and support that we are able to offer survivors is made possible because of individuals like you who stand with our mission! Following us on social media, raising awareness about domestic violence, donating, attending events, volunteering, or simply believing and supporting survivors in your own life, are all ways to help break the cycle of domestic violence in our community.

Read K’s Full Note Below-
“Words will never be able to express the joy I feel in meeting you! You have been very open and helpful during my time here and I appreciate you for that! As I venture into the next portion of my journey, I hope and pray that the ladies behind me benefit from your kindness and thoughtfulness! When you’re having a rough day, please look back at this note and remember that YOU are AWESOME!! I have developed a high level of respect and admiration for you! May you be blessed abundantly for all that you do and give! With much love, K”

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Thank you for sharing Roger and for all you do to keep survivors and their children safe! 💜
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Whenever you are ready to take that first step, Safehome is here. 🤍

To access the free services that we provide for survivors and their children, the first step is often calling our 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline. When calling our Hotline, you can expect compassionate and empathetic listening, safety planning, and resource referral from our incredible Hotline Advocates.

(913) 262-2868, learn more about our services at (link in bio).

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