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Who we are

Safehome is a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence in our community.

We offer free services, including a 24-hour hotline, shelter, individual and group counseling, and court and legal assistance. Through these programs, approximately 8,000 individuals each year receive the support they need to live independent and violence-free lives. Since 1980, our vision has been the same- to empower survivors and their children to live a life free of domestic violence.


We love our volunteers!

Our volunteers are truly the backbone of our organization! As a Safehome volunteer, you are playing a major part in our work to help survivors establish a life free of violence. Our goal is to match individuals skills and interests with the area of service best suited to you-with such a broad range of volunteering opportunities there is something for everyone.

For group volunteer opportunities, please contact Brandi Cook at brandi.cook@safehome-ks.org or checkout the Be The Love with Safehome campaign to get involved.

If you are interested in learning about our Healthcare Advocacy Program, please contact Kim Paul at kimberly.paul@safehome-ks.org for more information.

Click here for information about Safehome’s Young Professionals. Considering joining the board? Let’s connect!

Group Volunteer Opportunity


Volunteer Opportunities near you in Overland Park

Administrative Support

Assist in all duties that make our office run! May include assisting with statistics, research, data entry, phone calls, filing, front desk greeting, or stuffing mailings.

Fundraisers & Events

On-site event volunteers during our three annual events, may include assistance with registration, set-up/break-down, directing traffic, and more. Events and fundraisers are also a great opportunity for groups.

Donation Sorting

Assists with inventorying and sorting donations. Must be comfortable lifting 40 lbs.

Healthcare Advocate

We offer 24/7 support to area hospitals. Volunteers work with DV victims in a medical setting, sharing available resources and offering emotional support. Must be comfortable in a crisis and able to be "On Call' for a 12hr shift.


Assist Facilities Manager with maintenance issues. Duties may include painting, carpet cleaning, yard work, cleaning air filters, etc. 

Community Outreach

Represent Safehome in the community providing education to business, civic, social, and religious groups in the Johnson County area. Duties may includes speaking to small-large groups of people about domestic violence and Safehome

Our Impact

Tammy, Volunteer

I grew up in a time when we did not have agencies like Safehome for domestic violence victims. As a survivor, knowing how much my family could have benefited from such a resource, I am committed to supporting my community in any way I can to ensure Safehome exists here. I happily volunteer in many different capacities. When I see a need, and I know I can help, I step up!

Even if in small ways, I know I am helping this wonderful agency and assisting victims on their path beyond a world of domestic violence. I devote a fair amount of my spare time to promoting Safehome in Johnson County, speaking on behalf of the agency to advocate for prevention, educate people on how to recognize and respond to domestic violence at work and in their personal lives, and garner additional support and resources. I tap into my professional and personal networks when a need arises, rallying my friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors!”

Halie, Volunteer

I volunteer at the courthouse as a victim advocate. I really feel that I am helping victims of domestic abuse by providing useful information about domestic violence and resources to help them through the legal process.

At the end of the day, I feel that I did something good for the victims and the community.

Will, Volunteer

I am a middle school teacher and have had the awesome opportunity to bring my students to volunteer at Safehome.

A staff member always explains the role of Safehome in our city and how, as young people, they can begin making wise choices in how they treat one another. It is always a powerful and rewarding experience.

Mickey, Volunteer

I believe that I am a part of something that is really doing good for thousands of people in our community.

Volunteering at Safehome has also given me skills that will serve me in volunteering at other organizations in the future and in future jobs.


Mike says that that one decision his mom made, to leave, changed everything.

Mike’s mom came to Safehome almost 30 years ago with him and his 3 siblings. His abusive father struggled with alcoholism and was very manipulative; the day they left he shot at their car.

Mike says that that one decision his mom made, to leave, changed everything. She was able to get a job, and eventually got her master’s degree. “Had there not been a place like Safehome, I would have been a six-year-old little boy living with my mom and three young siblings in our car. I give mom a lot of credit for what she did for our family in leaving”.

Beth, Volunteer

I have volunteered at Safehome for two years, each time I am there I feel as if I have really contributed to something. Every Safehome staff member I’ve worked with has been competent, caring, polite, and always expresses appreciation for volunteers.

This, how well the organization is run, and the helpful services offered by Safehome have impressed me and made volunteering here a very positive experience.

Jill Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer 

SKC Communications is passionate about causes in the Kansas City area that impact families and children. Safehome does an amazing service for our community in providing all of the assistance necessary to support families dealing with domestic violence.

Through our sponsorship with Safehome, we provide our customers and employees with valuable event experiences that we know directly impact survivors who need our help. We look forward to continuing our support of Safehome into the future.


I did not come to Safehome with the intention of ‘getting’ anything.

Safehome did not give me my job, or my home, or even my citizenship; but what Safehome has given me is even more powerful. Safehome gave me myself.

Safehome empowered me to believe in myself and to love myself, which made it possible for me to do all of these others things on my own. Even more than that, Safehome saved my life by teaching me I am valuable and that life can be beautiful, once I found the strength to live instead of merely survive.


Mateo is now making great strides in moving forward and taking care of his physical health

When Mateo came to Safehome, he was in extremely bad condition. He had untreated health issues and recent injuries caused by his abusive partner.  When Mateo first entered the shelter program, he was not ready to discuss his health.

Safehome’s staff collaborated across departments to provide quality care to Mateo and to make him feel safe and comfortable. His Therapist, Case Manager, and Safehome’s Health Navigator worked with Mateo until he was ready to process what kept him from addressing his health needs.  Mateo is now making great strides in moving forward and taking care of his physical health, something he was simply not equipped to do before.


I knew that Safehome was the right place for me to find respect, trust, and space to heal.

I remember my therapist told me in my first session “I will never tell you what to do. I will never pressure you to leave him or pretend that I know what is best for you.

I will walk beside you through this, no matter what you decide to do”.  That was the moment I knew that Safehome was the right place for me to find respect, trust, and space to heal.”

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