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Support Groups give clients a chance to share their stories with others who hold similar experiences so they can understand that they are not alone. These groups cover a range of topics that may include women empowerment, coping strategies, co-parenting with an abuser or the impact of trauma on relationships. We believe these groups can be an essential part of the healing process for some survivors. Support Groups are free and available to survivors but you must be registered to attend.

Support Groups start at 5:30pm and will end no later than 7:30pm (unless otherwise stated).

Things to know.

  1. Call 913-262-2868 to register.
  2. Groups start at 5:30pm. Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early in order to start on time.
  3. An intake packet including a Release of Information and Confidentiality Agreement must be complete prior to attendance.
  4. Support Groups are confidential.
  5. Guests are not allowed.
  6. Childcare is available for children of adult clients during support group but space must be reserved in advance.

Group Descriptions. Click here for a printable version.

  • Letting Go of Shame
    We’ll be using the book by Potter-Efron called “Letting Go of Shame” and gaining understanding on how shame affects your life. Our natural response to shame experiences is to hide and withdraw. The last thing most people want to do is talk about it. Shame is more than a feeling. It’s a physical response combined with predictable actions, uncomfortable thoughts, and spiritual despair. We will increase our understanding of it and how to make it more manageable.
    Facilitated by Kim
    Mondays: Jan 23 | Jan 30 | Feb 6 | Feb 13
  • The Whole Brain Child
    Part 1: We will be using curriculum from “The Whole Brain Child” to being to understand different strategies of parenting with the brain in mind. You will gain tips on how to connect, engage and attend to the needs of your child in a healthy way.
    Part 2: We will continue using the curriculum from “The Whole Brain Child” to learn different ways to help our children integrate memory and a sense of self for growth & healing.
    ** Information may be provided from other resources as needed during part 1 and 2. You are encouraged to attend part 1 before you sign up for part 2.
    Facilitated by Dorothy
    Part 1. Tuesdays: Jan 24 | Jan 31 | Feb 7 | Feb 14
    Part 2. Mondays: April 10 | April 17 | April 24 | May 1
  • Parenting With An Abuser
    Parenting with an abuser creates legal and emotional problems for many people, even years after the abuse
    started. Some of the topics covered by the Shelter Therapist and Staff Attorney: how to cope when the other
    parent is abusive, navigating the legal system whether you are single/married/separated/divorced/etc.,
    separating psychological and legal processes, planning for the future of your parenthood, creating peace and
    safety in your home, and many more.
    Facilitated by Andrew and Claudia
    Thursdays: Feb 2 | Feb 9 | Feb 16 | Feb 23
  • Losing Codependency & Finding Me
    Psychology Today defines codependency as “a dysfunctional relationship dynamic where one person assumes the role of “the giver,” sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the sake of the other, ‘the taker.’”  Codependency impacts boundaries, self-esteem, self-care, and other important areas of life and relationships.  In this group, we will explore more in detail what codependency looks like.  We will reflect on how this has shown up in our relationships and, for many, overlaps with domestic violence.  We learn and start to practice ways to move toward healthy relationships with ourselves and others.
    Facilitated by Casey
    Mondays: Feb 27 | March 6 | March 13 | March 20
  • Love Addiction, Love Avoidance
    We will be using Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody. There will be psycho-education, psycho-drama, handouts, and lots of participation as we discuss the set-up and the recycling activities that can be difficult to understand.
    Facilitated by Kim
    Tuesdays: April 11 | April 18 | April 25 | May 2