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Support Groups give clients a chance to share their stories with others who hold similar experiences so they can understand that they are not alone. These groups cover a range of topics that may include women empowerment, coping strategies, co-parenting with an abuser or the impact of trauma on relationships. We believe these groups can be an essential part of the healing process for some survivors. Support Groups are free and available to survivors but you must be registered to attend.

Support Groups start at 5:30pm and will end no later than 7:30pm (unless otherwise stated).

Things to know.

  1. Call 913-262-2868 to register.
  2. Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early in order to start on time.
  3. An intake packet including a Release of Information and Confidentiality Agreement must be complete prior to attendance.
  4. Support Groups are confidential.
  5. Guests are not allowed.
  6. Childcare is available for children of adult clients during support group but space must be reserved in advance.

Winter Group Descriptions. Click here for a printable version.

    When we define and implement healthy personal boundaries, fear diminishes significantly. We feel more empowered and our self-confidence increases. In this group, we will define and differentiate healthy versus unhealthy boundaries. We will discuss different ways we need to protect our core-dignity, self-respect, sense of self-worth and identity. We will explore different ways of communicating our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.
    Facilitated by Dorothy
    Mondays: January 29th & February 5th at 5:30pm
    Join us for a free session of trauma-informed yoga. This class will be taught by a yoga instructor via video, but facilitated on-site so we can practice together. This class is meant for any skill level and options will be explained throughout the course of the class for beginners and those who already have yoga skills. Each session is independent, so feel free to come to one or come every week. Please dress comfortably.
    Facilitated by all Therapists
    Tuesdays: January 30th, February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th & March 5th at 12pm
    Plan to come with a person or situation in mind that you feel you are feeling grief about. This could be a love one who died, your ex (even if he was abusive), your situation, or whatever is causing you deep sadness. We will discuss the steps of grieving and do grief work with one another. Feel the support of your group as you have your process.
    Facilitated by Kimberly
    Tuesdays: January 30th & February 6th at 5:30pm
    El abuso doméstico a menudo se intensifica de amenazas y abuso verbal a violencia. Y aunque las lesiones físicas pueden ser el peligro más obvio, las consecuencias emocionales y psicológicas del abuso doméstico son graves. Las relaciones emocionalmente abusivas pueden destruir tu autoestima, provocar ansiedad y depresión, y hacerte sentir impotente y solo. Nadie debería tener que soportar este tipo de dolor, y su primer paso para liberarse es reconocer que su situación es abusiva. Una vez que reconozca la realidad de la situación abusiva, puede obtener la ayuda que necesita.
    Durante el grupo aprenderemos y practicaremos pasos básicos para pedir auxilio.
    Facilitated by Martha
    Thursdays: February 1st & 8th at 12pm
    This group is open to any adult who has experienced abuse. We will provide to support to one another wherever we are in the healing process. We will be offering encouragement and reflect on our experiences. We will provide space for processing DV recovery topics such as grief, identity, self-confidence, boundaries, rebuilding, and more. There will also be opportunities to share what has been helpful to you in your recovery so far.
    Facilitated by Casey
    Mondays: February 12th & 19th at 5:30pm
    Consider whatever stage or situation you are in and when you are ready to consider a change, come ready to create a plan for that change. We will learn about the Stages of Change and discover how to write a plan that can be safe and achievable. The group will support one another in this writing process.
    Facilitated by Kimberly
    Tuesdays: February 13th & 20th at 5:30pm
    Are you struggling with anxiety or some emotional distress as you face situations you never anticipated?
    Healthy coping skills are important and can help you manage an array of situations in life or help you take
    action in areas you may be stuck. This group session will provide and share different healthy coping skills that
    may help you as you chose to move forward.
    Facilitated by Dorothy
    Mondays: February 26th & March 4th at 5:30pm
    El efecto del trauma es la destrucción de la estabilidad. El trauma crea una pérdida de fe, donde no hay seguridad. Implica una desilusión total. Debido a que los eventos traumáticos a menudo no pueden ser procesados por la mente y el cuerpo como lo son otras experiencias, debido a su naturaleza abrumadora y impactante, no se integran ni se digieren. El trauma adquiere vida propia y, sus efectos continuos, persigue al sobreviviente impidiendo que la vida normal continúe hasta que la persona reciba ayuda. Durante el grupo aprenderemos y practicaremos los Cuidados básicos para trauma, específicamente de trauma causado por violencia doméstica.
    Facilitated by Martha
    Thursdays: February 29th & March 7th at 12pm