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Open Support Group via Zoom | Begining Oct.r 13th at 5:30pm. 4 weeks.

Teen Coping & Stress Management

Teen Coping & Stress Management

Parenting is tough, especially through a pandemic.

Do you have a child who is 13-17 who could benefit from learning new coping skills and stress management skills? You are in luck!!! We will be hosting a virtual teen group starting October 13th at 5:30 for 4 weeks.

In these sessions, teens will be able to identify what coping skills they already use, as well as learn new skills they can utilize when they are in stressful situations or feeling various pressure due to day to day situations.

TeleHeath Group Benefits, Responsibilities, and Rights


  1. You can continue building skills and awareness to support your healing. 

  2. We can meet as a group without potential exposure to COVID-19. 

  3. You can learn with and from other people.  

  4. You’ll be able to connect to other people who have similar experiences. 



  1. To keep confidential the identities of group members and all that they share. 

  2. To connect with both video and audio. 

  3. To set up my environment to be as private and as free as interruptions as possible. This includes no phone calls, emails or texting. Consider moving pets from the space. 

  4. To connect from the same place each session, unless you are away and notify us of the change.  


  1. Use a fictitious name or only an initial as on-screen identification. 

  2. To request a group facilitator contact you to debrief within 24 business hours of group. 

  3. Temporarily leave the group should you feel unsafe or have a need to take care of. 

  4. Withdraw from the group.  

Sign Up

We can’t wait to see you! Please shoot us an email stating what group you are interested in and we will get you all set up.

More Info

Checkout our blog on what to expect and how to prepare yourself when joining a teletherapy group here!


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